Heavy transport tyres

    High-Quality Truck and Bus Tyres in South Grafton

    You can choose between safety, longevity, performance - but you shouldn’t have to.
    As a professional truck or bus operator, you know the value of having the right quality tyre for your specific driving needs. 

    Michelin tyres provide a simply solution when it comes to improving your operating costs and minimising your impact on the environment. In fact, when you choose Michelin, you can expect productivity, safety, reliability, longevity and fuel savings. It is for these reasons that Clarence Valley Tyre Centre provides our customers with a wide range of Michelin tyres, as well as all tyre services required. For more information, come and visit our tyre dealership in South Grafton today.

    Innovation For More Productivity, Longevity and Safety

    Due to their tireless efforts in tyre research and development, Michelin has proudly maintained their leadership position in the automotive market for more than 100 years, Furthermore, with the birth of Michelin Durable Technologies in 2005, the world has seen a revolution in tread and architecture that offers increased productivity, longevity and safety throughout the entire life cycle of a tyre.

    Multi-life For Substantial Savings

    At the end of its first life, a Michelin tyre can be regrooved, retreaded, and retreaded again. This simply process can increase your mileage by more than 300%! With 80 years of re-treading experience and innovation, and as the first retread manufacturer in the world, Michelin focusses on developing the best casing designed for retreading.

    Casing Engineered For Life

    Michelin Technology was developed by Michelin Research Centers in Europe, North America and Asia, and provides the best casing endurance and the highest level of safety to their customers.

    Help the Environment

    Did you know that if all vehicles were equipped with Michelin Energy tyres, 80 million tonnes/year of CO2 emissions or the storage capacity of 3 billion trees could be saved? Retreading and regrooving also contribute to fewer raw materials and less CO2 so what are you waiting for? Make the switch to Michelin today!
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